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Amazon affiliate requirements

Amazon affiliate requirements to earn money

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Amazon affiliate requirements , Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. It can be difficult to send people to a $30-$100 offer and get them to buy.

You must either build a Amazon Associates program relationship with the person or come off as an authority figure.

This is where Amazon can help you. Amazon is a website where people “have trouble NOT BUYING” something every time they visit.

Read through this article and I will teach you how to make money through Amazon’s affiliate program. I will give you all the secrets that those paid eBooks give you.

Literally just follow the four steps below and you can get paychecks from Amazon every single month. You should start by actually signing up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program and is currently the most popular in the affiliate industry.

Aside from Amazon.com, it is a store that is popular with shopping and trusting. 

Still have a good management system Including good customer care share transfer on time and there are many ad sizes and ad formats to choose from There are still developments all the time.

There are two types of commission payment systems available for you to choose :

Performance Fee that provides 4% -8% depending on the sales you make the more you sell The higher your percentage, the higher

and paying the other Classic Fee is a fixed 4%, but do not forget that there are many fixed rate products, the computer can only get up to $ 25 more than this, the products in the Consumer Electronic category to the maximum. Just 4% and 10% download products.

You Need a Niche

Amazon affiliate requirements – Select something from this list (hair loss, stop smoking, yeast infections, acne cures, hair products, tablets, laptops, phones, televisions, digital cameras, jewelry, clothing, shoes, accessories, women’s watches, men’s watches, golf clubs, baseball bats, sporting goods, sporting accessories, workout equipment, auto parts).

If you don’t think any of those will work for you, look through Amazon site

and find something.

It can even be one particular product if it is popular enough (but your blog will die when demand of that product is gone).

Once you have your niche, find a keyword. For example, if I decided on Jewelry, maybe I will narrow it down to women’s earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

For a keyword, try something that has to do with women’s jewelry or silver women’s jewelry.

If you need more help finding a keyword, go to freelance websites and pay someone $5 for keyword research.

They will not only give you inspiration for a main keyword, but also some that you can use for articles and content in the future.

You Need a Blog/Website

Amazon affiliate requirements – Okay let’s be truthful, you are not going to drive enough people to Amazon offers without a blog.

This can be a blog through Blogger that you set-up for free and pay for a domain name.

If you need more information about setting up your blog, check out my post

Once you have your blog set-up, start adding some content.

This can come in the form of articles about your niche, or reviews for Amazon products.

Some people have created “hair loss shampoo blogs” and they literally just post reviews about different hair loss shampoos.

Remember that the more content you have, the more traffic you can capture, and the more sales you can make.

Make sure you have links out to Amazon on your articles (3-4 per article) and on your actual page.

Your real goal is to send people to Amazon through your affiliate link because there is no telling what they might buy!

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You Need Traffic

Depending on your offer, you need to find targeted traffic.

If you go into any Amazon niche you can usually find targeted customers through Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Also, using YouTube and Slideshare are other great methods of getting traffic.

You can also target certain keywords and get traffic straight through Google.

The more traffic that you can get from search engines like Google, the better your profits will look.

The last thing I recommend using for traffic is a targeted forum.

Find forums that are related to your niche, post in them, and leave a link in your signature.

This can be the best way to get 10-100 extra people to your blog per day.

You Need to Send People to Amazon

Remember that your main goal is to refer people to Amazon.

This could be done through sharing your special link / amazon associates links on social media.

I have referred someone for a digital camera and they ended up buying an $80 drill.

I got a commission from that because I was the one who sent them to Amazon in the first place.

If you can send 1000 unique people to Amazon every month, many people will purchase any product and you can get a lot of commissions.

Since the commissions are smaller, you want to send A LOT of people, because many will buy.

So I just gave you all the information you need to get started.

Obviously there are some other tips and tricks that you can use for running successful Amazon associates account affiliate marketing.


You can definitely learn How to Earn Money Through Amazon Associates and put that information to work though!

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