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Mystery Shoppers & Mystery Shopping

FAQ’s About Mystery Shoppers & Mystery Shopping Jobs

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All FAQ’s About Mystery Shoppers & Mystery Shopping Jobs?

How Much Do Mystery Shoppers Make?

This varies from company to company, and also how much time and effort you are able to put into it.

Most jobs will be on a first come first serve basis, so it is sometimes just being the first one to sign up!

Most Mystery shoppers are paid by no. of the audit not by the hour.

Shoppers may earn Rs300-500 for a simple assignment, up to Rs700, Rs1000, Rs1500 or more. In some cases, they are not paid but will be reimbursed for certain expenses.

There are some of the companies , such as Red Quanta, Le Capri, Shaw Hotels, where you can get access to better deals after you’ve done a lot of tasks, such as hotel room stays, Audits for Premium Clients such as Audi, Mercedes.

In all honesty, you aren’t going to make millions from it, but you can make some decent money if you put in the work.

A lot of the jobs will offer a small fee, but often you are asked to buy something on the jobs, which you will be reimbursed for.


When I first started mystery shopping, i did for Fun Cinema Audit for Red Quanta & i got reimbursement for expenses to watch Movie & Snacks.

I found it really interesting so i started doing as many as possible & earning good as an extra income.

The best thing for mystery shopping was the fact that I was able to get stuff for free,free food as well as get the much needed fee (as small as they were), also got some free clothes

How Do You Become A Mystery Shopper?

Very First Step all you need is to do sign up with Mystery Shopper Companies here.

Then, to apply for a secret shop available at your convenient locations , you just need to click on one of those listings, choose one of the available dates, and press “Request.”

The mystery shopping company will get back to you fairly quickly on whether or not you can do the mystery shop & if you are eligible for the applied shop the mystery audit will be assigned to your account & as per their guidelines you can do the mystery shop.

What Are The Best Mystery Shopping Companies In India?

12 Top Mystery Audit Companies in India are Listed Here.

What Are The Main Roles Of A Mystery Shoppers?

Main responsibilities for Mystery Shopper includes making purchases and filing reports on their overall shopping experiences within time limit set by the Mystery shopping companies.

Mystery Shoppers play an important role in meeting the needs of clients by pretending to be ordinary customers while examining and evaluating various factors which may require improvement.

Kindly Ask your own Questions regarding Mystery Shopping if anything i have missed here

All FAQ’s About Mystery Shoppers & Mystery Shopping Jobs?

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