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Mystery shopping

What is Mystery Shopping and How is it important?

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What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a process in which a person visits any shop, bank ,institution, restaurant or any such location as a secret customer to measure quality of customer experience.

It is Freelance job to earn extra income for marketing research.

Person conducting secret audits are know as Mystery Shoppers or Secret Shopper.

Most of the companies define detailed process and various parameters to ensure that customers will have a good experience in their outlets/sales locations.

Such as

  • How customers will be greeted by staff
  • What is the maximum acceptable waiting time
  • How many products should be on display inside store,etc.
  • What must be the temperature of the facility

Many Companies hires Mystery Shopping Agencies to guarantee that their processes & guidelines are followed on their outlets or service centers.

Mystery shopping agencies find people who matches the customer profile and willing to do these audit and fill up the questionnaire within 24- 48 hrs post audit.

There are several questions in questionnaire to record their experience,

Some training also given to them before any assignment for shop on how to measure several parameters.

Person doing these audits are know as Mystery Shopper or a Secret Shopper

Role of Mystery Shopper

What is Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers then visit the given site as a customer at a given time

and make careful note of things they have been asked to measure in survey.

The information collected in a questionnaire thus disclosed to the secret retail business,

which compiles and analyzes information collected from various places to generate the reports to enhance their client image.

Mystery shoppers are freelancers or people who do this for passive income.

I m doing mystery shopping audits with many companies & earning a passive income from a fee received from conducting each mystery audits.

Mystery shoppers are usually provided a full or partial reimbursement if they spent money during the job to perform the audit.

He /She accepts the audit after the Shopper fee decided for the particular audit.

A Few Good Companies to Start With:

Top 12 Mystery Shopping Companies in India


It is certainly an important method for gaining insight to the needs of consumers and developing where a business lacks.

It also helps to check the morale and effectiveness of the employees.

Well, I ‘m sure you will all be able to understand what mystery shopping is like a process by now.

You can apply with these 12 mystery shopping companies here.

This market research tool lets us find out what consumers are thinking about your brand or company.

Afterwards Data analysis department gets the comprehensive audit report for review.

This approach helps to track the performance of a company and the responses of the customer.

Ultimately, this approach increases the company’s revenue potential and development by evaluating customer interactions and monitoring employee and business workflows.

Mystery shopping is not about getting someone fired by catching them doing something wrong.

Not giving a free pass to anyone either.

The main purpose is to tell the client what they are doing right or wrong, and how they can change, only showing them what happened as it happened.

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