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PTC Sites

What are the best PTC sites & how to make money ?

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Want to know What are PTC Paid To Click Sites ? Its is as simple as  Earning Money for Clicking Ads.

Feeling lazy at work, missing pocket money, but trying to make a profit.
Read Below About PTC Websites & Start Today by Given Links

PTC Sites

Are you new to online money making? Do you want to know the easiest way to make money online?

It is Clicking ads or viewing ads on PTC sites.

So what is Clicking ads?

It’s just the work for a few seconds to press and watch commercials.

The plus point is you can work anywhere you like, and you can press ads whenever you want.

I joined my first PTC site back in 2014 and worked on almost all types of PTC sites.

In this article, We are going to share you the best PTC sites plus all you need to know to get started with PTC sites.

How to Increase your earning?

So let’s dive right into the article.

What does PTC Means?

PTC means Paid To Click. These are the websites  which pays their  members for advertisement clicks.
Like that easy. Such pages are getting advertising from advertisers who want visitors to their pages.

PTC sites place those in the form of ads, you have to click and visit the site stay for the time needed, usually a few seconds.

PTC sites pay you for the  immediately after you visit a site

There are plenty of best places where people can get paid for reading advertising and performing basic tasks.
But I will share you only the top & highest paying PTC sites available for worldwide users.

There are many fake sites and fake links also available in market where you do activities but at the end of the day u get nothing,

So check out these trusted sites where you can easily earn good amount by clicking & reading ads or doing number of short & simple tasks/surveys .

Nowdays many online business , digital marketing companies pay to these PTC sites to promote their services.


You can work while travelling or any free time for few minutes a day, single click of 4 sec ads can get 0.001$ to 0.01$ in your account which you can later payout when reaching threshold amount.

When you have more time and need more money then you can collaborate with PTC sites on more online jobs as well.

Here are some best PTC sites where millions of people work from all around the world & earn money online.

Different ways to earn from PTC sites

Usually PTC websites provide various forms of earning opportunities on their sites other than pay to select.

You will increase your earnings by using both the methods.

Below are some of the different earning opportunities in PTC pages, You can earn money by clicking on ads by clicking on them.

Completing surveys, several of the PTC sites provide paid surveys so you can make extra money on your profile to attend surveys.

Completing tasks-they deliver tasks from figure eight tasks along with PTC pages.

It is a micro work platform where you can find a lot of tasks from which to make extra money.

Offer panels – panels provide numerous ways to make money, such as downloading software, playing games, referral link and more.

You can also link some pages to others. If they earn you get a portion of that as a fee.

Pros and Cons of PTC site

The following good points of joining PTC site are :

Free to join, easy to get started and no qualification needed

They can function wherever you can.

Many incentives for sales along with Viewing Advertisements or completing offers.

It gives you the basic idea of how to make money online.

There’s very no pay per button.

All the legal sites are billing you at most one or two cents per click.

To receive money from your PTC pages you need to click on a significant number of advertisements.

Lots of scammers on the PTC industry, you can not trust them if the platform is not at least two years old.

This is why there isn’t a lot of PTC pages.

Finally, 5 of the best PTC Sites to Earn Money for Clicking Ads

So join today these Legit PTC sites that pay high income in Worldwide including India & USA.


There are best few websites that are authentic and out of these fine sites, i love clixsense (now ysense) the most. Join this site singing here & start earning money online from surveys and offers .





Neobux is also one of the best PTC Website i have got.

How to Increase your earning in PTC sites?

By spending more time on PTC sites you can not raise your earnings because advertisements are limited and there is no way to view more advertising than what site offers.

Yet there are 3 good ways to add the revenue

1. Through taking a casual peek at all the commercials. Consider it a habit of viewing the advertisements at a set time per day.

2. By referring the sites in your community to your friends, relatives & other known persons.

You’ll receive part of the revenue from each and every referral & add your very high income.

3. By taking their membership as Premium.

This way, you will receive double commission to show the advertisement and you will also receive double commission while watching the advertisement by referral.

And so you can earn money online from simple way.

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