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Saloon Audit (Shaw Hotels)

September 2019 Mystery Audits

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Mystery Shop Audits , Click on the dates to check available audits in your locations & apply to earn your passive income

24.09.19 Infakt Insights-Footwear Audit -September Month Audit)


04.09.19 INFAKT INSIGHTS(Favorite Cinemas Audit-September Month Audit)

03.09.19 Shaw Hotels (Saloon & Spa Audits)

03.09.19 Shaw Hotel(Mystery Audit For A leading Quick Bite Restaurant)

03.09.19 HS Brand Audit (Premium Footwear Store)

03.09.19 Shaw Hotel(Washing Machine Audit-(Mystery & A Reveal Audit Due Date: 07.09.19

03.09.19 Shaw Hotel – Gaming Outlet Audit

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