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Top 10 Online Survey Sites

Top 10 Online Survey Sites to make money Now

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There are hundreds of online survey sites where you can make money.

Not all paid survey sites are reputable however, and some are more valuable than others.(Best Online Survey Sites)

Some are not legal and have never paid out.

We have used, checked and ranked 10 of the best websites for survey that will pay you for your views

Choosing the right paid survey websites can make a big difference, particularly when you are not qualified for every survey you see.

Money surveys have eligibility criteria, typically based on demographic details and your personal preferences, so you don’t want to spend time on a website that isn’t going to pan out.

Each site has a limited number of surveys charged per person each month. Sign up to as many survey panels as possible to make money doing surveys and win substantial bonuses.

Below is the list of all Top 10 Online Survey Sites which is tested by me & I m earning a lot by doing their paid surveys from last so many years.

You can create an account on all these below mentioned platforms & can perform available survey from your smartphones.

So Start Today with all these Top 10 Online survey sites to make legitimate money today.

These websites are tested and approved by Woincome & Totaltop10 .

The Panel Station

(Don’t forget to enter your referral code E72AF9 to earn 500 joining bonus points) IOS user Click here

Who are they?  One of the best survey panels with daily online surveys with top clients.

Rewards: Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart & Sweepstakes

Amount per survey: Varies from 300 to 1000 points (10 Points = Rs1)

Min. reward threshold: 3000 points (Rs300)

Our review: We love Panelstation, and we hear positive reviews from our readers about them too.

We’ve found that taking surveys every day provides the highest payout for your time.

Surveys take around 10 to 20 minutes to complete, meaning you can earn around 1500 to 2500 points an hour (Rs 150-250).

Use our Refer Code – E72AF9 to claim an exclusive 500 signup bonus 😀

Valued Opinion

Who are they? Valued Opinions are part of a wider research community within the sector. 

They submit online surveys to members whose profiles align with specific demographics and needs.

Rewards: Amazon & Flipkart or you can donate to Charity

Amount per survey: Varies from Rs 30 to Rs 60

Min. reward threshold: Rs 400

Our review:  Another one worth signing up for. We got lots of surveys daily from this platform and they tend to match your profile and interests as a consumer.


The average survey takes about 7 to 8 minutes to complete, and gives you Rs 45 .

So you could earn around 150-200 per/hour.


Who are they?  A Marketplace to Find and Discover Opportunities Offered By Digital Products & Services

Rewards:  Gift cards.

Amount per survey: Varies.

Min. reward threshold:  Varies

Our review:  Great website, easy to use and fast paying.

You can also earn ongoing points for referring friends.


Who are they?  India’s premiere survey panel which is managed by Absolut Data Research & Analytics

Rewards:  Paytm , Gift Cards

Amount per survey: Varies

Min. reward threshold:  50

Our review:  Great website & Easy to use. Refer your friends to create a stronger panel group and earn 20 reward points after registration when your friend(s) completes their personal profile.

You may also make your mates become your co-panelists together to gain full points.

Survey Savvy

Who are they?  SavvyConnect is part of Luth Research. Over the past 35 years, Luth Research has launched the market research industry with groundbreaking, cutting-edge platforms.

Rewards:  Cash Redemption or Sweepstkes

Amount per survey: Varies

Min. reward threshold:  $1

Our review:  A well-trusted panel. The reward threshold is relatively low.


Who are they?  Trusted opinion survey site working with top leading companies to know what you think about specific products, services and issues for which they give rewards!.

Rewards:  Cash Redemption via Paypal, Amazon GV or Sweepstakes Entries

Amount per survey: Varies

Min. reward threshold:  1500 points($3 minimium)

Our review:  Download the ViewFruit mobile application, access ViewFruit from anywhere at any time.

Download Google Play or the App Store, and earn a 100-point bonus.

Opinion World

Who are they?  Managed by Survey Sampling International,LLC

Rewards:  Gift Vouchers of Many Brands & Redemption in Paypal cash

Amount per survey: Rs30-Rs100

Min. reward threshold:  Rs500

Our review:  Make your Account here also for extra surveys.

Raukten Insight Survey

Who are they?  Rakuten Insight Global, Inc (hereinafter referred to as Rakuten Insight) serves business organizations and entities from around the world, primarily from Europe, the United States and Asia.

Rewards:  Paytm, Flipkart & Amazon

Amount per survey: 1-60 point(1 point= Rs1)

Min. reward threshold:  Rs100

Our review:  You will be rewarded with EPoints after you register as a member of Rakuten Insight and have responded to our online surveys from your “My Account.” Online gift cards can be collected later on accrued EPoints.

Registration is free and available to any citizen of India who is age seventeen (16) or older.

Survey Time

Who are they?  SurveyTime is run by Persona.ly-a global mobile ad-tech company that works to provide direct, exclusive survey campaigns with the world’s biggest market research firms.

It is the only survey panel that offers instant user surveys with truly instant rewards.

Rewards:  Gift Vouchers or Paypal Cash

Amount per survey: Varies

Min. reward threshold:  SurveyTime is an outstanding survey tool, from my experience.

The surveys are fun to do, they usually take no more than 15 minutes and the payout is immediate (unlike other sites operating on a point-based system and allowing you to hit a minimum number of points before cashing out).


Who are they?  The Univox Community now has more than 3 million members, and is growing daily.

The site also features an online forum that includes news from the community, regular contest announcements and more. Members can participate in group discussions via the online forum.

Members can also chat with other members via Shoutmix, a live chat system, and with customer support.

Rewards:  Paypal Cash

Amount per survey: 20- 400 point

Min. reward threshold:  1000 points

Our review:  Well, Univox Community is a legitimate and helpful website for surveys where everyone can take part.

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