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website like fiverr

Websites like Fiverr – best freelancing sites for beginners

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Websites like Fiverr

Freelance means work from home. In freelancing you are your own boss there is no need of any commitment to any person in freelancing, there is no boss.

Manager or senior pressure you are the only boss, you manage work by your own choice. Now days million of people do freelancing and earn handsome amount as compared to that person who is doing job under a person.

When people start freelancing many of them left at the start because they don’t get any order or work. If you want to start your career in freelancing then you have great patience. In this article, I will tell you about some famous Top freelancing websites.


There are many freelancing Platforms available over the internet some of them are very good and very secure in order to frauds. Frauds are very common in this world now. Everywhere we saw examples of frauds and scams. I am going to tell you about some fraud and scam free Freelancing Websites.


Firverr.com was launched on 1st February 2010, the purpose of this website to provide the platform for those peoples who can provide services over the internet. This is a very famous and reliable freelancing platform. In Fiverr we can get an order through gigs. The gig is actually ads. In gigs, we provide a description, price, and requirements of the service. The minimum order we got $5, In the past, we just get the work of $150 on Fiverr, But now We can charge our own choice price for the service. Here is the link

 you can register and start earning.

website like fiverr
website like fiverr


Upwork.com is one of the top freelancing websites. Upwork is actually an advance in the transformation of ODesk. ODesk was the freelancing platform where people do projects and earn money then in 2015, it transforms to upwork.com. In Upwork, you don’t need to create gigs. You just have to find the project and bid for that. If the hirer likes your offer then he or she will hire you otherwise you can try for some other project. This is a time taking platform. Presence is compulsory in upwork.com. If you get a project for once then your freelancing career starts running. For registration click here


Freelancer.com is the most famous freelancing site. Similarly like upwork.com here you have to bid for the projects. In freelancer.com you can find the project of any category whether it relates to academics or technology etc. You just have to bid. If the employer likes your offer then you will be hired otherwise you have to choose the next option. But the drawback is that you just allow 10 bids in freelancer.com. You have to buy more bids such as you can get 300 bids in $30. But at the start, you can do 10 bids. If you don’t get any project then no need to worry. Go for another option. Here is the link to registration go and change your lifestyle.

website like fiverr


PeoplePerHour.com is the company which is founded in 2007, the purpose was that provide the platform to freelance workers to do more jobs over here. In the PeoplePerHour.com working mechanism is different, you have to post the project means you post your skills related description then PeoplePerHour’s algorithm will find the project according to your posted details. It is not much famous as fiverr.com, upwork.com, and freelancers.com, but is reliable and trustworthy click here for registration.

website like fiverr

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